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I Keep Buying Shit Nylon Tote Bag

I Keep Buying Shit Nylon Tote Bag

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Haul more than just ass with our reusable, foldable Nylon Tote Bags!

The tote features an inside pocket when opened, and folds into itself to make storing it a breeze. Don't worry, you don’t need to be good at origami to fold this bag into itself, just shove it back in and it fits beautifully. The nylon material makes it easy to clean, making this the perfect grocery/farmers market tote, or for when you’re buying shit you don’t need! 

Available in 3 different styles that fit every mood.

Tote features a rather content flower smiley face which reads, “I keep buying shit. Shit I do not need”. We feel that.


  • Purple nylon tote bag with pocket that folds into itself
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Height of bag 15.5" Height w/ handle 26" Width 19.5"
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